About Us

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Up2date Fashion

Up2date Fashion is a family-owned business dedicated to designing and manufacturing a full line of high-quality women's sleepwear.

We take pride in the years of hard work that it took to learn every aspect of the garment business so that we can now independently manufacture our own clothing line as well as garments for private labels.

Because we inspect, test, and approve the clothing produced for us, we can pass on to you the best that we have to offer without middlemen compromising quality and increasing cost. Our product guarantee is reflected in our motto: "A good rest, since you went for the best."

Yes, we are simply the best when its comes to women's sleepwear so shop our online store or contact us at customer​service​@up2date​fashion​.com for all your women's sleepwear needs. Up2date Fashion is ready to work for you!